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Providing healthy skin care & pthalate free perfume oils

Apothecary Naturals, LLC is a small family-owned business that sells top quality, paraben-free healthy skincare products as well as alcohol and phthalate-free scented body oils. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with our high standard for quality and attention to detail and passionate about providing a safe alternative to commercial mainstream personal care products filled with toxic solvents and additives. We have the highest quality products at an affordable price.

Some 18 years ago out of necessity, relying on my background in nursing, I created a face cream and a face cleanser/make-up remover for my own use. My personal experience with hyped up commercial skincare and my desire to help people achieve and maintain a healthy skin gave birth to Apothecary Naturals, LLC. Our creams and lotions are loaded with high potency natural oils, chosen for their historically proven benefits to improve skin health and appearance. All our products are phthalate and paraben-free and do not contain mineral oil.

Wearing fragrances should be delightful, fun and add a pleasant note to each day, without breaking the bank or jeopardizing your health. Because our fragrance oils are without any alcohol, they last longer than designer perfumes. As soon as a commercial fragrance is applied, be that eau de parfum, eau de toilette or eau de cologne, the alcohol contained within starts to evaporate, taking along the aromatic substances. Hence the strong initial aroma, which fades considerably in a couple of hours. An alcohol-filled fragrance needs countless reapplications to last throughout the day. When using perfume our oils, on the other hand, the carrier oil is absorbed in the skin, locking in the scent molecules with it. From there due to the heat generated by the body throughout the day, the aromatic substances are released continuously, creating a pleasant, lingering aura around the wearer. There is no alcohol to dry out the skin, more so the carrier oil we use is beneficial to the tegument. Apothecary Naturals sells only the finest Grade “A” fragrance oils, which are a better alternative to traditional perfumes.

We are proud to offer you a large selection of perfume oils, which last longer, are completely alcohol-free, and are very affordable at a fraction of the cost of name brand perfumes. Don't let the high price tag of designer perfumes stop you from the joy of owning an array of scents fitting your moods.

Apothecary Naturals, LLC stands behind the remarkable quality of the products sold on this website. Every product has been tried and worn by one of our family members to ensure that they do perform as we say they do.

If it does not pass our critical “inspection” it is not sold by us.      

We understand that you have many choices in choosing your skincare products perfume oils. There is a wide range of character and attribute differences between different oil supplies. We can not tell you that our oils are 2, 3, 4 or 5 times more concentrated than the competitions. You will find that claim on almost every website selling fragrance oils, perfume oils, oriental exotic body oils, and Egyptian fragrances. All we can tell you to give us a try! You will not be disappointed! Our perfume oils are concentrated and long-lasting. "Pure beauty in a bottle."

We offer all the comfort and conveniences of online shopping with secure credit card processing. We are constantly adding merchandise to our store and working on improving the features of our site. Your comments and suggestions are important to us. Please email us or write to us at the following address:

                               Apothecary Naturals, LLC
                               P.O. Box 3619
                               Milton, FL 32572-3619

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