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Smell Great without using Expensive Alcohol Based Designer Men’s Colognes & Women’s Perfumes, full of Dangerous Phthalates, Buying the Best Coconut Oil Based Unisex Fragrance Oils. We offer Phthalates Free Men’s and Women’s Unisex Fragrance Oils, Scented with Pure Essential Oils & other Natural Aromatics, in Variety of Popular Designer Inspired Fragrances & Our Own Unique Irresistible Scents at Discount Sale Prices.

Along with women’s role in society changing from mother and caregiver to professional career woman we witnessed the debut of the metrosexual man. The standard of beauty for men and women is changing as well. For women, it is shifting towards a strong, healthy looking body not afraid to show some muscle. Men, on the other hand, don’t want to convey a domineering, macho image anymore, aiming instead to be the counterpart of the modern woman. These changes have brought with them a shift in the mindset of fashion and taste, influencing the beauty and skincare industry as well, which is selling more and more discounted unisex products. The way you smell has a lasting effect on people, and both men and women alike want to smell good. In the past unisex fragrances, essential oils and other scented beauty products were not very popular. Society said men buy cologne and women buy perfume. However, there is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about a fragrance. Men’s designer colognes and the best women’s perfumes for sale use the same fragrance notes to stimulate the brain. The only real difference between most men’s cologne, women’s perfume and essential oils with aromatic extracts is marketing. Unisex fragrances and essential oils are really just marketed more honestly, and understand what smells good to man also smells good to a woman. With women becoming stronger and more independent and men being less concerned with coming across as macho; the best unisex fragrances, essential body oils, and other scented beauty products target both men and women.

In some cases, women’s perfumes and other scented beauty products are very flowery scents, while men’s cologne and essential oils have more masculine fragrance notes. These non-unisex fragrances and scented beauty products are often not very popular anyway, but with unisex aromatic notes in fragrances, you never need to worry about a scent being overly feminine or masculine. The best unisex colognes, perfumes and essential fragrance oils for sale have both masculine and feminine notes, along with scent profiles suitable for both men and women. Unisex fragrances and essential oils blended with natural aromatic extracts have a balanced fragrance body. They are never too flowery or too sweet and they often smell androgynous.  Unfortunately, most designer perfumes, colognes, unisex fragrances and other scented discount beauty products for sale, use alcohol instead of coconut oil as the carrier for their aromatic compounds. Alcohol evaporates faster than it can be absorbed. This causes the scent to evaporate in a relatively short period of time, robbing you not only of the unisex men’s and women’s fragrance but of your hard earned money as well. Alcohol is also not very good for skin. At best it dries out the skin, but can even cause rashes and irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. Most designer men’s and women’s unisex fragrances and scented discount beauty products for sale, also have dangerous hormone-disrupting synthetic chemicals called phthalates. We all want to smell good, but at what cost? Many manufacturers, in spite of compelling evidence backed by scientific studies that phthalates can potentially cause a variety of health issues, either do not believe that phthalates are harmful or do not care.

Synthetic fragrances that contain phthalates and use alcohol as their carrier are much cheaper to manufacture than coconut oil based unisex essential fragrance oils. This is why most colognes, perfumes, unisex fragrances and scented discounted beauty products for sale continue to be made with harmful phthalates instead of the more expensive, but healthy all natural essential oils. 

the best natural coconut oil based men’s and women’s unisex fragrance blends with aromatic essential oils last much longer than colognes and perfumes that use alcohol. This is because coconut oil is absorbed by your skin along with the essential fragrance oils, locking in the aromatics from the unisex cologne or perfume. The best coconut and essential oil based men’s and women’s unisex fragrance oils besides lasting much longer and costing much less are also phthalate free and healthy. When purchasing unisex fragrance oils it is important to make sure they are truly phthalate free. Coconut oil based colognes perfumes, unisex fragrances and other scented beauty products because they last so much longer are becoming more and more popular. However, many of these coconut oil based unisex fragrances and scented discount products for sale use synthetic aromatic compounds that contain phthalates. This why it is important to make sure you buy only the best coconut oil based unisex fragrances for men and women that use pure phthalate free essential oils other natural aromatic blends. 


At our natural online beauty products store, we offer the best long lasting unisex fragrance oils of unmatched quality. Unlike most designer men’s colognes, women’s perfumes and other unisex fragrances for sale, our scented oils are phthalate and alcohol-free. Our men’s and women’s unisex fragrance oils are coconut oil based and combine essential oils with natural phthalate free aromatics. Our phthalate free unisex fragrance oils are gentle on even the most sensitive skin, smell great, last much longer (6-8 hours) and are priced at a huge discount when compared to designer women’s perfumes and men’s colognes. We also offer a much larger selection of unisex fragrances than most beauty and scented discount skincare stores. We carry both widely known aromatic scented oils and our own unique irresistible fragrance blends. We also provide detailed information about each of our men’s and women’s unisex fragrance oils that allows you to practically smell each scent making it as easy as possible for you to find the best coconut oil based, phthalate free, essential fragrance oils for you. No matter what the occasion or type of impression you want to leave, we have unisex fragrance oils that combine essential oils with the best aromatic notes from men’s cologne and women’s perfume to create the perfect unisex scents. Besides smelling great, lasting much longer and being alcohol and phthalate free our unisex fragrance oils also cost much less than designer perfumes and colognes. We make it easy and affordable for you to smell great, without using harsh potentially harmful synthetic chemicals with our coconut oil based unisex fragrance oils at everyday discount sale prices. If you have any questions about our unisex perfumed cologne oils or any of the other natural skincare and beauty products we have for sale please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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