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Avoid Dry Skin and Painful Cracked Feet, using the Best Natural Moisturizing Foot Creams and Lotions. Our Advanced Foot Care Products are made with the Best Natural Ingredients and Herbal Extracts for a Total Soothing and Moisturizing Experience.

Dead Sea Mineral GlowDead Sea Mineral Glow
Dead Sea Satin Body ScrubDead Sea Satin Body Scrub
Healthy Feet Moisturizing & Cooling Lotion StickHealthy Feet Moisturizing & Cooling Lotion Stick
Sensual Massage CandleSensual Massage Candle
Available in 2 sizes & 5 Amazing Scents
2oz ($10.50) 4oz ($17.00)

We all like to have soft skin and look our best from head to toe. To achieve this, most people spend a considerable amount of time researching the best skin care products, creams, and lotions for their face and body. Unfortunately, in general, the same attention does not extend to find the best foot care products as well. Much of our lives we take our feet for granted, without thinking of the important role the feet play in our daily activities.

When our feet are not properly cared for the skin gets calloused, dry and cracked. This is because the skin on our feet has fewer sweat glands and is much thicker than the skin on most other areas of our body in order to protect the feet from friction. However, the thicker the skin and the fewer sweat glands, the less blood flow there is to the outer layers. This causes the outer layer of skin on our feet to get fewer nutrients and fewer natural moisturizers or sebum than the rest of our body.  As we age the skin on our feet thickens even more, causing it to get even less blood flow and fewer natural moisturizers, causing even more dried cracked, flaky skin. Dry cracked feet are not only painful and do not look very good when untreated can lead to foot infections and ulcerations.

To avoid any of these problems and keep the skin on your feet moisturized and healthy you have to implement a total foot care approach. You need to use the best foot creams and lotions to keep the skin moisturized preventing it from drying out as well as a pumice stone to reduce the thickness and remove the hard outer layer. This increases blood flow, nutrients and the body’s natural moisturizes to the new the outer layer of skin, improving elasticity and preventing dry cracked feet. Most lotions, creams and other foot care products contain petroleum jelly as the main moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is a semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum that is a natural allergen and classified by the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List as a high human health priority that is toxic or harmful. It clogs up the few sweat pores our feet have preventing the skin from breathing, getting rid of toxins and getting its natural moisturizes.

This is why it is so important to choose the best most advanced foot creams and lotions that use natural moisturizing oils. The natural oils found in the best most advanced foot care products have total absorption instead of clogging up in our pores. They soothe and moisturize dry itchy skin while working naturally with the body instead of clogging its pores preventing the skin from being able to breathe, rid itself of toxins and get its natural moisturizers.   

At Apothecary Naturals we believe in a natural foot care approach. After I had negative experiences with so many different skin care products I started researching their ingredients. After much research, I decided to start making my own natural skin care products including a full line of the best most advanced natural foot creams and lotions. All of the foot care creams and lotions we offer, use only the best most advanced natural moisturizing oils as well as essential oils to help soothe, tired aching feet and help you put your best foot forward. Once you try our advanced line of natural foot care products you will never go back to using the petroleum-based products or other more expensive natural lotions or creams. If you have any questions about any of our natural foot care moisturizers please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

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