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Dead Sea Body ScrubsDead Sea Body Scrubs

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Remove Dead, Dry Skin and Have Healthy, Even, Pure Skin by Regularly using the Best Natural Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Bath and Shower Scrubs on your Hands, Face and Body. At my Natural Beauty Products and Skincare Store, I offer Mineral Rich Homemade Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Wash Scrubs in a Variety of Phthalate Free Scents.

Satin: Exfoliator & Moisturizer

Satin Bamboo Blossom Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body ScrubSatin Bamboo Blossom Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub
Available in 7oz ($26.50) and 15oz ($48.50)
Satin Caribbean Coconut Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body ScrubSatin Caribbean Coconut Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub
Available in 7oz ($26.50) and 15oz ($48.50)
Satin Fresh Orange Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body ScrubSatin Fresh Orange Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub
Available in 7oz ($26.50) and 15oz ($48.50)
Satin Lemon Splash Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body ScrubSatin Lemon Splash Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub
Available in 7oz ($26.50) and 15oz ($48.50)
Satin Tropical Melon Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body ScrubSatin Tropical Melon Dead Sea Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub
Available in 7oz ($26.50) and 15oz ($48.50)

Mineral Glow Exfoliator

Mineral Glow Bamboo Blossom Dead Sea Body ScrubMineral Glow Bamboo Blossom Dead Sea Body Scrub
Available in 10oz ($21.50) and 18oz ($36.50)
Mineral Glow Crisp Cucumber Dead Sea Body ScrubMineral Glow Crisp Cucumber Dead Sea Body Scrub
Available in 10oz ($21.50) and 18oz ($36.50)
Mineral Glow Fresh Orange Dead Sea Body ScrubMineral Glow Fresh Orange Dead Sea Body Scrub
Available in 10oz ($21.50) and 18oz ($36.50)
Mineral Glow Lavender Essential Oil  Dead Sea Body ScrubMineral Glow Lavender Essential Oil Dead Sea Body Scrub
Available in 10oz ($23.50) and 18oz ($38.00)
made with Lavendar Essential Oil
Mineral Glow Lemon Splash Dead Sea Body ScrubMineral Glow Lemon Splash Dead Sea Body Scrub
Available in 10oz ($21.50) and 18oz ($36.50)
We all want our skin to look and feel young, healthy and beautiful not dried out and flaky. Besides looking healthy you want your skin to actually be healthy. Your skin is the largest and most exposed organ in your body. The skin is our body’s outer layer and protects us from microbes, viruses, environmental pollutants as well as it regulates our body temperature. To perform these important roles your skin has to be healthy. In order to keep your skin healthy, your body naturally renews your skin every 28 – 30 days. Sensitive new skin is formed in the basal layer and slowly pushes its way to the surface as old skin dies and flakes off. This is great, however, once skin reaches the outer layer no matter how much lotion and moisturizers you use it will eventually die, dry and flake off. Once skin cells die they are impossible to revive. These dead, dry and flaky skin cells do not look good and prevent healthy skin from reaching the surface. Dead flakes also clog up your pores which can lead to skin irritations as well as preventing your body’s natural skin moisturizes from reaching the surface. It also prevents the release of toxins. For these reasons, regular exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of your regular home beauty and skincare regimen for your face and full body, including your hands, legs, and feet. Using the best natural Dead Sea Salt bath and shower scrubs and regularly exfoliating your whole body, removes dead cells allowing young, healthy, beautiful skin to come to the surface and prevent dead skin from flaking off throughout your day.
Washing regularly with the best natural Dead Sea Salt bath and shower full body scrubs, exfoliates and unclogs pores by removing the dead clogged up skin cells and prevents future clogged pores. Exfoliating also helps even the skin tone and improves the absorption of the moisturizing products applied to the skin. Dead, dry skin, even if it is not flaking, has a different color than healthy skin. By exfoliating your face and full body regularly you will keep a beautiful, even skin tone and remove impurities. There are many health and beauty products for sale made to combat the looks and symptoms of dead skin. However, washing your hands, face, legs, and body regularly with natural exfoliating Dead Sea salt combats these issues at the source, while moisturizes your skin as well. As part of your home beauty and skincare regimen, it is advised to exfoliate your hands and full body, including your face, legs, and feet, twice a week using a mild exfoliating bath and shower body scrub. While it is important to regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin, it is also important not to overdo it. You do not want to injure the sensitive, fresh skin beneath. When choosing a skin exfoliator it is important to look at the ingredients and what is being used as the exfoliant. Polyethylene (PE) beads also called plastic microbeads are plastic so they do not disintegrate in water and are thankfully not absorbed into the body, but they find their way into our shower drain. However these cheap, unnatural exfoliation beads are too small to be removed from wastewater, so they end up in our oceans and ultimately in our food supply.  This is bad for us and the environment. Instead opt to wash with the exfoliating face, hand and body scrubs made with natural exfoliants such as Dead Sea salts that are biodegradable.
Like other beauty and skincare products for sale today, most exfoliating bath and shower scrubbing washes are scented. We all like to smell good, however, most fragranced beauty products and scented hand and full body scrub exfoliators are typically scented with synthetic fragrances which contain unnatural hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are a family of industrial chemicals that are regularly used as plastic softeners and solvents in a variety of consumer products including un-natural personal care products. With the regular and extended use of beauty and skincare products scented with fragrances which contain phthalates, such as fragrant exfoliating face and body scrubs, these hormone-disrupting chemicals are absorbed through the skin. After being absorbed they have shown a tendency to accumulate in human tissues. Studies show that phthalates can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system. New research also links prenatal exposure of DEP to clinically diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder in children (Engel 2010). Bottom line, phthalates are industrial chemicals that have no place in, on or around the human body. This is why it so important to make sure the scented Dead Sea salt or other bath and shower hand and body scrubs you buy not only uses organic exfoliants, but it is also scented naturally and phthalate free. The best Dead Sea salt and other natural exfoliating and moisturizing hand, face and full body scrubs are scented with herbal fragrance oils that are safe, smell amazing and last.
There are other types of natural moisturizing exfoliators for sale. However washing with the mineral-rich Dead Sea salt face, hand and full body scrubs are in most people’s opinion the best way to enhance your natural beauty while caring for the most sensitive skin. Dead Sea salt makes a great exfoliator for a variety of reasons. Dead Sea Salt has different degrees of coarseness and does a great job of exfoliating and exposing but not damaging the healthy beautiful skin beneath. The Dead Sea is also well known all over the world for its healing properties and therapeutic effects on the human body. The Dead Sea and ultimately Dead Sea salt has a unique blend of minerals like magnesium, bromides, potassium, and sulfur, which are all needed to keep the skin from your face and body, including your legs and feet, healthy and looking beautiful. Regular use of the best natural Dead Sea salt exfoliating and moisturizing bath and shower scrubs all over your hands, body, and face is one of the ways to enjoy the skincare benefits of this mineral-rich material. Washing with the combination of Dead Sea minerals, moisturizing oils, and vitamins helps to gently polish and revitalize your skin, stimulating the blood flow which leads to increased nutrients and trace minerals at the cellular level, helping you to regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow. Regular use of our Dead Sea exfoliating bath and shower scrubs will remove dead skin cells, purifying your skin, while leaving it soft and moisturized.
At my natural homemade skincare and beauty products store, I offer the best collection of mineral-rich exfoliating and moisturizing Dead Sea bath and shower hand, face and body scrubs in a variety of great phthalate free scents and two amazing types, Mineral Glow and Satin. Our natural Dead Sea salt hand, face, and body scrubs are made with the finest grain of Dead Sea salt available, capturing the skin healing and body rejuvenating effects of the Dead Sea for your use. They are gentle yet effective and are safe to use regularly on your body, hands, legs, and feet, even on the sensitive skin of your face. Our Dead Sea salts offer you an all-natural and safe alternative to some of the harsh, chemical-laden scrubbing wash formulas available at most stores where skincare products are sold. Unlike most homemade exfoliating beauty products, our Dead Sea salt hand and body scrubs come in an acrylic instead of glass jars. This ensures the scrub will not break if it is accidentally dropped in the bath or shower. We attach a wooden spoon to the jar as well, for you to scoop out the natural exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub without getting water into the Dead Sea salt, so it will not melt. 
Our Satin Dead Sea salt scrub is a unique hand, body and face exfoliator that moisturizes while you exfoliate. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and natural oils are added to the Dead Sea salt, giving our natural homemade Satin face, hand and body scrub a balm like texture to cleanse and exfoliate without drying even the most sensitive skin. Enjoy the exfoliating lotion texture of our Satin Dead Sea Moisturizing Body Scrub in the shower to refresh, beautify and take care of your skin, while washing away your worries. It deep cleanses and exfoliates your skin, leaving it perfectly moisturized, velvety soft and divinely scented. Our mineral-rich homemade Mineral Glow hand, body, and feet exfoliator combines natural oils and organic Dead Sea salt perfect for relaxing baths, allowing the mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt to be absorbed by your skin. The results you would like to achieve and depending on whether you are a shower or bath person determines which of our amazing Dead Sea Salt exfoliating hand, body and face scrub is best for you. Or buy them both to get the best results and receive their benefits whether taking a bath or shower. No matter which scrub suits you best, you can be assured that with regular use, you will achieve a beautiful, glowing and younger looking skin that you will adore.
On the days you use our natural Dead Sea body scrubs, both our Mineral Glow and Satin it is best if you use it instead of soap. The homemade Dead Sea salt hand, body and face scrub will remove the daily dirt and grime while exfoliating and help you wash away the environmental pollutants along with dead skin cells. If you have any questions about our mineral rich natural Dead Sea salt exfoliating body scrubs or aren’t sure which is best for you, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.
Note: Avoid using on cuts or open wounds as salt will sting. Do not dip wet hands into the jar as salt will melt.

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