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Making Moisturizing Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

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Melting Unrefined Shea and Cocoa Butters

Most Dead Sea Salt scrubs are exfolatiors only, just oil and salt and do not moisturize. Our Satin Dead Sea Salt body scrubs exfolate, cleanse and moisturize your skin. I start by melting the highest quality unrefined cocoa and Shea butter with a natural emulsifying wax.  Natural cocoa and Shea butters have a variety minerals and nutrients that are good for your skin. However, unrefined cocoa and Shea butters have a dark tint that most body scrub manufactures do not think is necessarily pretty. This is the reason why most moisturizing Dead Sea Salt and other store bought exfoliating body scrubs use refined cocoa and Shea butter to strip out the dark nutrients, giving the Shea and cocoa butters a white “pretty” finish. We leave ours natural and unrefined. When it comes to the health of your skin we believe quality and getting the best product possible is more important than the way the product looks. By leaving the Shea and cocoa butters natural and unrefined you get the full skincare benefits and all the skin protecting minerals and nutrients.   

We use the natural emulsifying wax so that when you use the product in the shower it will turn into a lotion and wash off. Without the emulsifying wax the Shea, cocoa butter and other natural ingredients will stay oily, cause the water to bead up and not rinse off, as well as cause the shower to become dangerously slippery. Most Dead Sea Salt body scrubs are just oil and salt and is the reason why if you use them in the bath there is a oil residue that is left and you more than likely do not use it in the shower, because of how dangerously slippery it gets. This is one of the main things that motivated me to make something better. I tried a variety of different things until I came up with using this all natural emulsifying wax. 

Mixing the Shea and Cocoa Butter with Natural Oils

After the unrefined Shea and cocoa butters have been melted with the natural emulsifying wax we take it off the heat, add nutritive all natural oils and mix them together. When blending the ingredients together you need the mixture cooling, so the oils and butters will start to harden. You want them going from a liquid, into a soft and fluffy custard like substance that will suspend the exfoliating Dead Sea Salt. To help this process I put the container on ice, and then begin mixing with a hand mixer. 

This is towards the end of the mixxing process. You can see it is starting to harden, trunning fluffy and soft. 

Adding and Mixing Dead Sea Salt

After properly cooling and mixing the natural emulsifying wax and unrefined Shea and cocoa butters with the natural oils it is time to add and mix in the Dead Sea Salt. We use the finest grain of Dead Sea Salt we can import so that it does not scratch your skin and can be used on your entire body including face. Here, you can see the white Dead Sea Salt getting mixed in and the consistency of the exfoliating body scrub taking final form.

Hand Poured

Once the Dead Sea Salt has been completely mixed into the body scrub it is ready to be hand poured into glass jars and shipped to you. We are very proud of our exfolaiting and moisturizing Dead Sea Body scrubs. It took years to pefect the ingredients and process. We hope that you have enjoyed learning a little more about our Dead Sea Salt Scrubs as well as proces and cannot wait for you to try them! 

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