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Nag Champa Essential Fragrance Oil

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Nag Champa Essential Fragrance Oil

Nag Champa Essential Fragrance Oil
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Nag Champa is arguably, the most popular incense in the world. Michelia Champaka also known as “golden champaca” or “red champaca” is a flowering tree from the Magnoliaceae family with bright Orange Yellow flowers. Michelia Champaka Alba is a close relative of Michelia Champaka producing white flowers with more or less the same aromatic compounds.

The Champaka is native to India, Java and the Philippines. Traditionally, Indian women would wear the buds behind their ears until the bud will open up and release its own scent. The petals resemble the hood of a snake. Hence the name Nag Champa. In many Indian Languages, Nag means Snake.The extracts from this plant are widely used by the Perfume industry, and the various traditional and tribal medicine systems of India. 

Nag Champa is a unique floral fragrance with musky overtones. "Nag Champa" is a perfume essence originally manufactured in the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries of India and Nepal. It is traditionally made from a sandalwood base, to which are added a variety of flower oils - including that from the flower of the Champak tree. Each monastery has its own secret formula which is revealed to no-one outside the order!

Our Nag Champa is an aromatic blend of resins, gums, spices, flowers, and oils with a wonderful and mysterious, ancient-smelling after-aroma.
For a lasting scent, apply just a touch of fragrance oil to pulse points (at neck, inside of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and behind knees) once or twice a day, as desired.
Pulse points give off more body heat as this is where blood vessels are closest to the skin, therefore continually warming and releasing your fragrance.

The below price is for 1EA clear glass 1/3 oz roll-on bottle filled with premium grade concentrated perfume oil. Along with your purchase, you will receive a free gift bag as well. Our elegant dark green velvet pouch ensures that your gift is presentable right out of the box. These concentrated perfumed body oil roll-ons make it easier than ever to take your favorite fragrance wherever you go.

Always store fragrances in a cool place. Keep perfume oils out of reach of children. Perfumes may be harmful if swallowed. 
This fragrance is phthalate free and no animals were harmed to obtain the scent.

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